Digital Platforms

LPL’s investor login portal provides a comprehensive view of your LPL held and LPL networked accounts, including:

  • User-friendly mobile access through AccountView 2.0
  • Customizable paperless settings
  • Account balance snapshots
  • Transaction history
  • Account performance & value over time
  • Current holdings/positions
  • Asset allocations
  • Periodic account statements
  • Annual tax documents

Please note, to access non-LPL account details please see the Affiliated Direct Businesses section below.

Effective October 2021, LPL has introduced its new platform AccountView 2.0.

Our clients rely on our trusted advice and expertise to reach their financial goals, and the success of this relationship comes down to how well we stay connected. There’s no denying that in today’s digital world, mobile apps have become part of our everyday lives. With improvements ot its desktop interface and a new mobile app, Account View 2.0 provides a more integrated and convenient experience for our clients.

New clients will be automatically enrolled in AccountView 2.0. However, if you are a current client who interested in transitioning to AccountView 2.0, please reach out to your advisor.

RightCapital is a planning tool that summarizes your overall financial health, analyzes spending habits, and uses robust modeling to make complicated decisions simple and intuitive.

When enrolled in RightCapital, you will be able to view all of your key financial data in one place. RightCapital provides an easy-to-follow desktop and mobile experience which include the following features and more:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow & budgeting analysis
  • Debt planning
  • Allocations and glide path recommendations
  • Retirement simulation tool
  • Dynamic planning for spending goals, tax considerations, and living trust strategies
  • Action items to keep you on track

In order to provide a comprehensive view of your finances, RightCapital is designed to aggregate information from different external accounts. When setting up your profile you will have the option to integrate your LPL accounts, savings & checking accounts, employer sponsored retirement savings vehicles, insurance policies, home loans, and other relevant assets & debts. RightCapital's data aggregation will pull holdings-level data from each of your accounts and provide daily updates on your asset and debt values.

If you would like to begin using RightCapital, please reach out to your advisor. If you already have an account set up and would like some more help getting started, please see the Resources section below.

Underlying all portfolio decisions are two key risk elements: tolerance and capacity. Riskalyze is a helpful tool in the pursuit of a detailed understanding of investor risk tolerance. Your advisors at The Virtus Group use this as one piece of the broader puzzle that makes up your financial plan.

Riskalyze is a platform designed to quantify investor risk tolerance based on customized feedback. Using the results of your risk questionnaire, a Risk Number® is calculated which provides insight into how well-aligned your portfolio risk is with your preferences.

The Risk Questionnaire is the vehicle through which Riskalyze collects information about your preferences to inform its calculations. Prior to meeting with your advisor, you will receive an email inviting you to fill out the Risk Questionnaire online. If you have any questions about the survey, we invite you to reach out to your advisor who will be happy to assist.

When filling out the Risk Survey, you can expect to see questions about the total investment amount that you are considering, your feelings and biases toward accepting more risk, your worst-case economic outlook, and more. The Risk Questionnaire will provide Riskalyze with important information that helps develop their calculation of your monetary utility, which in turn is used to develop an overall Risk Number®.

People typically view risk and reward in the context of their own life experiences and personal financial position, which means that everyone perceives risk differently. Understanding an individual's unique risk tolerance is vital to crafting effective portfolio solutions. To aid advisors and investors in understanding risk tolerance, Riskalyze crafted a metric coined the Risk Number®.

The Risk Number® is an objective, quantitative measurement of an investor’s true risk tolerance and the risk in a portfolio. Riskalyze's patented technology calculates a "risk score" on a scale from 1-99 (1 being the least risky, 99 being the most risky), utilizing a scientific framework based in behavioral economics that won the Nobel Prize.

One of the most important drivers of the Risk Number is the measurement of downside risk: either the downside risk in your comfort zone (the range of risk to reward that you approve via the Risk Questionnaire), or the downside risk in a portfolio.

Using Riskalyze's assessed Risk Number, your advisor at The Virtus Group will test your portfolios to determine whether the risk inherent to your allocation is well-aligned with your own preferences and capacity to take on risk.

The Virtus Group can help advise you on a wide variety of investment vehicles. However, non-LPL accounts are not hosted and cannot be accessed through LPL AccountView. If you would like to access your outside investment accounts, download tax forms, or manage your statement receipt settings you may need to login through one of the portals linked in the Affiliated Direct Business Sites section below.

RightCapital’s investment dashboard will be your one-stop shop to view allocation information and holding summaries for each of your accounts. You will have the ability to view your assets in aggregate, or split amongst each individual account. Contributions to your accounts will be automatically reflected in RightCapital’s cashflow reporting.

LPL AccountView can be accessed to view more detailed transactional data for your LPL accounts.

For LPL accounts: LPL AccountView offers the ability to adjust your document receipt settings so that you may receive statements, tax forms, and other documents directly to your email address.

For non-LPL accounts: you will need to adjust your settings on the appropriate affiliated direct business website where your accounts are hosted.

RightCapital offers a variety of planning modules that allow you and your advisor to gauge your probability of successfully reaching your investment, spending, and retirement goals. These planning modules include integration with Riskalyze – allowing you to compare your probability of success under multiple alternative strategies. In addition to your advisor, RightCapital’s YouTube page serves as a helpful resource for additional reference material on how to make the most out of each planning module:

RightCapital does not sell or share your data, and limits the amount of data collection to what is necessary for you and your advisor to gather insight on your financial health. For more information on RightCapital’s security procedures, please see their Client Account Security disclosures here:

LPL may share data with service providers who are authorized to use your personal information as necessary to support business operations. For more information, please visit LPL security disclosures here: